Packed With the Latest In Digital Printing Pricing Info!

This Is the Most Detailed Pricing Study
Ever Published by QP Consulting, Inc.

2016-17DigitalCover-sm NEW

This brand new 114-page study is one of the most comprehensive pricing studies we’ve ever published.

Dedicated strictly to pricing of digital products and services, this new study is now available for immediate shipment (hard copies and PDFs). Retail price of this study is $229.

However, for a limited time, you can SAVE 25% on this study if you place your order between now and Nov. 23rd. Orders are shipped same day as received. Instead of paying $229, you will pay only $171.75!

“The Digital Printing Pricing Survey is the most valuable yet. The pricing info helped us identify irregularities, bringing some prices up to increase profits, and identify high prices that were likely resulting in lost business.”
Greg Batchelor
McCabe’s Printing Group
Fairfax, VA

To View the Table of Contents, Click Here.

Please Note – If you participated in this key industry study, it was emailed to you on Aug. 30, 2016. Please check your email in-box for an email with the subject line, “Attached is your complimentary 2016-17 Digital Pricing Study.”

One of the first printers to respond had this to say about our latest survey:
“I was thrilled to see the just-released digital pricing survey and was also pleased with the items covered. It took me approximately 35 minutes to complete the worksheet, and another 10 to complete the on-line survey – a relatively small investment of my time considering the value of what I expect to receive when I get the final pricing study!”
Brian Ebbers
Cascade Printing & Graphics
Grand Rapids, MI

“Hi John,
I have participated in every one of your studies for more than 15 years. For the first 20 years in business I had to guess what the rest of the industry was doing. Then I ran across your studies. In my estimation these studies are the best source of quality industry information available. Whether it be wages, pricing, industry trends etc. these studies give me valid up to date information to run my business that is available nowhere else. Please keep up the good work!”

Jon Robson
Auburn Document Centre
Auburn, NY

“The information in the 2016 Digital pricing study helps us a great deal. Most pricing is regional so we take that in stride. But is also shares new ideas and maybe services we can charge for that we left on the table. Each year we learn new items to increase profitability and give better service to our clients.”

David Adams
Quality Printing Services
Petaluma, CA 


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