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(This survey will officially launch Jan. 12-13, 2016)

2015-16SalesRepCover2As many of you know, we’ve been publishing valuable research studies in the printing and mailing industries for more than 30 years, and this new report, sponsored exclusively by Printer’s Plan, comparing compensation practices for outside sales representatives, promises to be one of the best we’ve ever published!

Best yet, this 75+ page study can be yours absolutely FREE and in your hands in 60 days or less, but you must meet the following two criteria:
(1) You must employ at least one FT Outside Sales Rep* (Excluding owners or partners);
(2) You must complete and return our brief questionnaire by the published Deadline of Feb. 12, 2016.
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Results of Our Printing & Politics Survey

If we could only get these kinds of response rates to our major industry surveys dealing with sales, profitability and pricing of various products we would be ecstatic, especially when you can get more than 200 responses in less than three days! Anyway, here is a link to the complete results of our survey. However, so as not to keep you in suspense, we are providing a graph below depicting the results to Question #10, where we asked:

“Based upon your personal political inclinations at the present time, who would you
most be inclined to vote for if the elections were being held in the next seven days?”

Printing and politics graph

New 2016-17 Financial Goal Sheet – It’s Free!

QP_FinancialModel_2016-17We developed this Financial Goal sheet a number years ago based upon a template we found in another industry. As you know, the printing industry was one of the first industries in the U.S. to actually collect and share financial ratios for operating a profitable printing businesses. I have authored, along with my good friend Larry Hunt, more than 16 Financial Benchmarking Studies, and the data presented on this goal sheet is based upon these financial benchmark studies.

Ideally, this one-page handout that is designed to be taped up on your bulletin board or somewhere else near your desk that will catch your eye every single day. There are four key ratios and one $$$ amount that you should almost commit to memory. Your financial statements (specifically your profit & loss statement) should easily capture and provide these basic ratios. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call, or drop me a line at

Download a PDF of this goal sheet by clicking here: 2016-17 Financial Model.

“Are my labor costs too high,” asks client

I recently received a call from a former client. He and I have been corresponding on and off for many years since my first visit to his firm back in 2003. His firm is located in the far northwest. “John, I was going over my ratios the other day and noticed that my total payroll ratio is almost 31% and that seems much higher than it should be. Do you have any suggestions?”

Yes, under normal circumstances, 31% for total payroll costs, assuming all other financial ratios for the company were typical and average for the industry, would be high, but not in this case. Based on additional data he provided, Bob (not his real name) told me they had just finished their best year ever in 2015 with sales of $1.6 million. “My manager earned $105,000 last year and he is very happy. He and his wife just bought a house, and their first child is on the way, and he couldn’t be happier. The rest of my employees are also being paid well above average wages, especially for this market area,” Bob added. Continue reading