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2015-16SalesRepCover2A brand new 88-page report detailing compensation practices for outside sales representatives in the printing industry has just been released. Printing firms who participated in the original industry survey were notified by email on March 21, 2016 and received a PDF of the entire report.

This Study is not for everyone – This special report involved a lot more time and effort and thus the higher retail price. If you’re a small firm and with no plans to hire an outside sales rep then you probably don’t need this study. (Special Pricing Offer extended to July 15, 2016.) Continue reading

Rejecting Industry Surveys

As much as we hate to do it, in order to protect the integrity and accuracy of our studies, we sometimes find ourselves rejecting surveys submitted by fellow printers. We are currently in the process of tabulating data contained in a 59,000 cell Excel data base. Even under the best of circumstances, it often involves spending 80-100 hours or more just cleaning up the data base before we can begin to create tables and add all the various additional calculations that we provide our participants.

2016-17DigitalCover-sm NEWFor every 100 surveys we receive, there will typically be five or six survey forms where participants appear to be far more interested in receiving a free copy than they are in providing us with accurate data. Our recent 2016-2017 Printing Industry Digital Printing Pricing Survey is a case in point. We received more than 220 surveys prior to the deadline.

After initial examination of the data, we detected 12 surveys that we felt needed to be rejected and excluded from our data base. We don’t do things like this lightly, because we know if we reject a survey we are most likely going to create an enemy, and we have enough of those already! <g> Continue reading

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4Covers for Sale_July2016

We’re cleaning out some slightly old inventory, but these studies (All less than three years old) still provide a wealth of valuable information on pricing, wages and key financial ratios… The sale prices below are ONLY for Hard Copies!

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Printers List Studies & Polls as Top Picks!

Are Associations Meeting the Needs of Members? Printers Place High Value on Research Studies According to Latest Survey by QP Consulting By John Stewart Please note this article is confidential and copyrighted. Please do not share or redistribute. Thank you. Printers in our industry, at least the 163 firms who…

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Early Stats from Digital Printing Survey

Preliminary Results at a Glance

With less than 12 days to go before the July 18th deadline, we can report some very brief, preliminary results from early participants in our 2016-2017 Printing Industry Digital Pricing Survey.

2016-17DigitalCover-sm NEWAverage Sales – If you think you’re too small in terms of sales to participate think again. Survey participants report their average 2015 sales at $1,444,900 and are projecting sales of $,1,556,340 for 2016, an increase in sales of 7% – 2016 compared to 2015.

Median Sales – Median sales, a probably more reflective picture of our survey participants, for 2015 was $854,480 and projected to be $935,000 for 2016, or a 9% projected increase in sales for 2016.

Independents vs. FranchisesIndependents account for 75% of all our respondents with franchises accounting for 22.5%. Another 2.5% are In-plant operations. Continue reading

New Digital Pricing Survey Just Launched – Deadline July 18th!

Why Pay $195 or More For This New Study
When You Can Receive It For Free by
Completing* This Key Industry Survey

2016-17DigitalCover-sm NEWPacked with the latest data on pricing digital printing services – This soon-to-be-released study will provide you with the very latest data for pricing products such as booklets, newsletters, flat sheets, business cards, digitally printed envelopes, as well as meter clicks, copier ratings, mark-up practices and discounting methods currently being used in use in our industry.

Best news yet is that this study will be yours absolutely free if you complete our on-line survey and submit it by our July 18, 2016 deadline.

*Deadline for submitting survey is July 18, 2016. Continue reading

Printing & Politics – A QP Poll

The One Question We Forgot to Ask!

It looks like we may have set a record of sorts with our most recent survey titled, “Printing & Politics – Your Choice for President.” More than 270 printers responded within 48 hours, the largest number of responses to a survey in the past four years.

“More than 270 printers responded within 48 hours, the largest number of responses to a survey in the past four years.”

Unfortunately, after the survey “hit the streets,” and we were already processing the results, it suddenly dawned on us, especially after seeing the early trends, there was one question we wished we had asked but didn’t. We’ll let you know what that question was near the end of this survey. Continue reading

Selling is All About Price!

Ryan Sauers – Our Guest Columnist

OK, I Will Say It: Sales is ALL About Price

By Ryan T. Sauers

Ryan SauersYou see this article title and know it is true. Many of you tell me this from all across the country. Today, sales is quite simple. It all comes down to who has the lowest price, right? If you get your pricing tight/right, than you have a chance of winning/earning some business, right? If you cannot do this, then buyers will not consider you. Simply said, it is all about price these days. Are you feeling better about your sales now?

Not so fast, there is something else I need to mention…

The goal was to get your attention as we have the attention span of a goldfish. And this attention span is about six seconds. Friends, this “all about price “statement is absolutely and unequivocally false. If you are selling on price and this is the only/main thing that Continue reading

Hot Off The Press – New Workers’ Compensation Report

WorkersCompPg1Workers’ Compensation rates vary dramatically according to a special 11-page report just-released by QP Consulting, Inc. However, contrary to popular opinion, owners still have options, to control or even lower annual premiums.

The new industry report includes a number of charts and graphs, including a special table detailing 35 states and the most common codes and NCCI rates per $100 for the four major classifications available in the printing industry – Clerical, Sales, Printing and Delivery. 

Our Latest Publication allows printers to check a special table and compare how employees working for other printers in their own state are being classified, as well as the range of rates being paid. Continue reading

Profit Leaders vs. Laggards – It’s Your Choice!

Leaders vs. Laggards in the Printing Industry I’ve been actively involved in the printing industry since the early 1970s, so I guess you would definitely consider me an “old-timer.”  Although relatively old in terms of physical age, I believe I am younger than most in the industry in terms of…

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Profits & SPE Correlation

The comments below were written on April 26th and forwarded to the PrintOwners List Serv, but they never appeared on the list, because unbeknownst to me at the time I had been removed from the list a couple of hours prior.

Nonetheless, I consider SPE to be one of the most important ratios to track in the printing industry so I decided to post the following. It is indeed unfortunate, that too many printers tend to either ignore, avoid, gloss-over or rationalize their sales per employee (SPE) numbers when compared to others.

So here is the post that never made it to the list serv: (See interesting chart at end of post.) For those unfamiliar with this ratio, it is calculated taking gross annual sales (excluding postage income) and dividing that by the total number of employees, including all working owners/partners.

“As a general rule, truly profitable printers in this industry become and remain very profitable not by charging significantly more or less for their product, but rather by producing those products far more efficiently. Efficiency and levels of productivity can be easily and quickly measured by SPE or Sales Per Employee….. Continue reading

Business Climate Survey Results

BusinessClimateNewsletter-2QP Consulting, Inc. has just released the results of its 1st Quarter Business Climate Results.

All firms participating in the survey were sent a private email with a link to download the confidential PDF Report.

If you did not receive an email it may be because you never provided a proper address. If you believe you did provide the necessary information, please contact us at  and we will provide you with the proper link.

FREE Download – If you would like to download this 3-page PDF please click here.

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Complete Study Now on Sale… (see below)

Executive Summary of 2016 Study
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2016SalesExecSumCoverThinking about purchasing this just-released study on compensation practices but would like to first take a glimpse of what this study actually contains? No problem – QP Consulting has prepared one of its popular “executive summaries” highlighting key findings of this new report. No, it doesn’t reveal everything, but it certainly provides more than enough data, charts and graphs to help you make that final purchasing decision.

For a limited time, the complete study (retail price $285) is available for only $233, an 18% Discount. Visit the bookstore to place your order. Offer expires May 16, 2016.

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